Part 2 of Zoo

Makan Session

Bel and her ribena...

Peiling and Yangyang, Michelle and Keira.

Our slim mama Jaxe and Josi....

Another slim mama Dreamgal and Xin Yue. This little gal is very smiley and happy lady. :)

Pretty mama (PINK JR) KKmum and Kieran (Finally, the boy is not moving!) LOL.....

Irin, Reyden and Reyes

Zoo on 27 June 2008

Some of the march mummies arranged to visit the Zoo with the little ones on 27th June 2008. The mummies and tots were:

1. Irin + Reyes + Reyden
2. Kkmum (Kathy) + Keiren
3. Verryberry (Peiling) + Yangyang
4. Michelle + Kiera
5. Yvonne + bel + friend
6. Jaxe + Josi
7. Linda + Letticia + Lucius + Lavonne

Here are some of the pictures taken....

At the entrance while wating for group picture to be taken

At the Airconditioned Tiger enclosure getg a breather

Standing ard, waiting for the show to begin... (Note the blue painted words on the floor. It says "SPLASH" and ALOT of us got SPLASHED during the show)

End of Part 1...


I'm doing BP for this. Minimum Quantity 20-30sets.

Tomy Thomas the Tank Engine Sodor Deluxe Adventure Land
UP: $79.95, BP Price: $68

Thomas & Friends Roller Coaster Mountain Set
Original: $249.90, Promo Price now: $174.95, BP Price: $155
If you are keen in other models, please let me know the model and retail price.

Baby Jumper Gym - WALKERS 1

timing : 3.30 - 4.30 OR 4 - 5pm
Day: Saturday
Date: TBC

Class 1
2. Joelle
3. Dlim
4. nana
5: pink

Class 2

Class 3
1. BB
2. Huingee
3. Moon
4. Enne
5: Fion (working alt saturdays)

Details pls refer to Googlegroup.

JWT FREE trial

more on physical development.
Wobblers - 11 - 18mts.. 45 minutes trial.. at kallang..
FREE trial.. only ONE slot left.. 3.15 - 4pm.. march 15
5 Stadium Walk, #02-02/03 Leisure Park, Kallang, Singapore 397693
Tel : 6344 2320 Fax : 63442329

Details pls check out Googlegroup


MY Gym
Venue: Woodlands Civic Centre
Date: April
Time: April
Saturday: 9.30-10.20am, 3.30-4.20pm Sunday: 12.30-1.20pm (or we can select our prefer timing if we can form a group)

1. Hui Ngee
2. QQ
3. Linda

Kindermusik class starting Jan 08

Hi mommies,

as per my post in the Forum, Kindermusik will not be starting any new classes anytime soon cos their schedules are completely full. However, if we can gather 12 mommies tog, they can get their Sun teacher (Shauna) to come an hour earlier to take a class at 11am.

If you're keen, pls include your name here.

Day/Time: every Sun @ 11am
Location: Tanglin Mall
Starting: one of the Sundays in Jan 08

For more info on the curricula, pls see:
For more info on fees, pls see:

Fees per Semester: $265.79(comprising 8 weekly classes x $23.80 + $58 materials + $17.39 GST )

Please indicate interest by 26 Dec (Wed) using following format:

NICK / actual name / Hp_______ / Email: _______

veryberry / peiling

Chicken Pasta Recipe

Disclaimer: Please try this recipe only if your baby has tried all the ingredients. For my case, this dish is a first trial of cheese. =)

- 3 pcs chicken fillets
- 2 small holland potatoes
- 1 carrot/some broccoli
- 1 big onion
- 1 small bowl of vegetable pasta
- olive oil
- grated cheddar/cottage cheese
- full cream milk(fernleaf full cream milk! very intro by astro)

1. turn on oven to 180 degree baking mode. (optional if dowan to use oven)
2. boil a small pot of water. throw in pasta when boiling. simmer till soft... drain and rinse with cold water. set aside.
3. cut into smaller pieces the chicken, potatoes, carrots/broccoli. (smaller easier to cook)
4. pour olive oil into casserole dish, throw in chopped onion and cook till fragrant/slight brown. throw in chicken n stir till partially cooked. throw in potatoes, carrots/broccoli. pour in full cream milk and let boil.
5. Puree/Mash the cooked stuff together with pasta. Pour back into casserole dish and top with grated cheese. (not too much cheese cos abit giam... jus a thin layer at the top.) cover dish and put into oven to bake for 15-20 minutes. After that, stir in cheese evenly.
optional 5a. if no oven, u can just lower the fire and stir in cheese.

can be frozen into 14 large cubes (approx bbcubes size) for 1 week's supply. or eaten straight away. no need to add to rice.porridge anymore cos has enuff carbo fr potatoes n pasta liao! yummy!

BP on Bib Clip for Mar Mummies

Special Price for Mar Mummies - $10.50

Sorry, dun hav time to do up the google spreadsheet, so just place your order by leaving a comment. Thanks!

Gymboree Gym Session

Gymboree PlayGym

Note 1: will have to call again the day before, because they may add last-minute new classes and need to use the gym for that. So please check forum again on Sat to confirm.

Note 2: Parents pls bring a pair of socks

Day: Sunday Time: 1-2PM

Venue: 03-60/61/62 HarbourFront Centre 1 Maritime Square

Tel: 62711545

Fee: $8 for Member (Pay $50 for membership per yer, comes with 1 free trial class + 1 Free T-shirt) $15 for Non-Member

No: of BB - 7
Date: 21 Oct CLOSED
1) Pink + Leia
2) jyun + Ah Bien
3) yvonne + bel
4) Ladysol + Javiar
5) Pearlyn + Jaden
6) Mejo + Yeting
7) Veryberry + Yangyang + hubby

Date: 28 Oct CLOSED
1) Pink + Leia
2) yvonne + bel
3) Ladysol + Javiar
4) Kelley + Ashlyn
5) QQ + Tian
6) Pearlyn + Jaden
7) Starfruit + Rae+ Hubby(I think)

Saturday Sessions: 2pm / 4pm / 6pm